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Review from Bonnie B.

Austin, TX

5.0 star rating

New Stone Concepts is a homeowner/remodeler's dream. Wanted to replace my formica countertop so I began with Home Depot and Lowes. After speaking with the sales people at the large stores they gave me "partial answers". They told me before they sent out anyone to measure I needed to pay for half the approximate square footage I needed, they would come out, quote me and charge me. I would take a few days to have someone measure and then 4 weeks to get the Silestone installed. I would also need to set up a plumber, electrical and gas repair person to install and reinstall everything. I felt uneasy so I put in countertops and New Stone showed up. DJ the owner came out the following day, gave me an exact quote (equal to larger stores), price of electrician, plumber, etc and he timed them so they were in one day and out the following. It only took 1 1/2 weeks from time measured to time installed. DJ gave me samples and I returned them. The showroom was impeccable. DJ, Dawn, Brian,Jesus were professional and cared about the job if it were their own. I would recommend them COMPLETELY!

Review from Jim M.

Austin, TX

5.0 star rating

New Stone Concepts installed our kitchen and bathroom counter tops as a part of a home remodeling project.

My observations about them were:

1) Showed up on-time as scheduled
2) Installed the counter tops in a timely manner
3) Counter tops were installed correctly
4) Cleaned things up to better than what they were
5) Even helped me fix a small issue that was outside of counter tops.

I can't say enough good things about them. Highly recommend.

Review from Kim B.

Austin, TX

5.0 star rating

I have never in my life received this kind of service. I have one word: AMAZING!! New Stone's attention to details and the high level of concierge services was just what i was needing. Their prices were comparable to others and just a little better. I would spend what ever it takes to get the quality of service that i received from them.
DJ, made it a point to walk me through all the steps of measuring, selection and installation. He was available to talk with me even after everything as completed. I have not had one problem like the other reviews have indicated. We are so pleased with the quality of everything.
You have to use them, you will not be disappointed.

Review from Cristina R.

Austin, TX

5.0 star rating

New Stone Concepts= AWESOME!
I am a property manager and was under some pressure to complete a renovation! I called New Stone Concepts, their prices were great and they were punctual which is so important when your on a time frame. I will faithly use them for all of our future renovations.

Review fromJohn C.

Austin, TX

5.0 star rating

New Stone is amazing. I looked around Austin for countertop places and it seemed like all the contractors I hired for the kitchen remodeling recommended new stone.

There is a reason why it seems like all contractors use New Stone. They are super professional and they do an amazing job. Did I mention they are priced quite competitively. Also the plumber they use is way cheaper than any plumber I've seen around who does the same job.

I believe they are the best in Austin. You can't go wrong. I'm not sure how long Home Depot takes to install countertops, but these guys took around 4 hours and made sure I was completely satisfied. They did an amazing job and were super patient. Customer service was superb.

Review from Kelty G.

Austin, TX

5.0 star rating
8/22/2009 First to Review

-Once upon a time, there was a girl
who wanted to renovate her kitchen
more than anything in the world.

-She researched kitchen counters, looking high and low
until she found a contractor who was in the know.

-She made a list and checked it twice-
she wanted to find out which dealers where naughty and nice.

-She collected three quotes - like HG TV told her to do
and New Stone Concepts was the best, through and through.

-In addition to placing a follow-up call,
they met and exceeded a competitor's bid
and offered her the best price of all.

-First it was her kitchen counter
which they covered in silestone
then they gave her a deal that was financially sounder ...

-Because her bathroom counter was small
they offered granite remnants for a low, low price
and it turned out to be a good deal for all.

-Now her kitchen counter is silestone,
her bathroom is blue pearl granite
and she didn't have to take out a gigantic loan.

Review from Dwayne K.

Pflugerville, TX

5.0 star rating

My wife and I have been wanting to get new countertops for several years. We have had the style picked for 3 years now. We finally decided to make the plunge and New Stone Concepts was recommended by a friend. WOW!!! I can not say anything but good! DJ came out and did the measure up gave us the estimate. We had one other estimate and they weren't even close. Plus the other person did not make us feel comfortable with their company. DJ was so kind and patient and answered all 232,000 questions (small exageration) that we had and never once made us feel silly for having so many questions. The schedule was set and the schedule was met. No delays no issues. It went extremely smooth. The install crew were extremely professional and obviously knew what they were doing. We have close to 100 square feet of counter tops and very oddly shaped in some areas. Never once did the install crew appear to be "stumped". They just took care of it! About the seams...You can't even see them unless you are trying to find them. DJ did say that the pattern lends itself to hiding the seams however I have seen other countertops and these seams are the best by far! I highly recommend DJ and New Stone Concepts.

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